New Line Unique IoT Analytics tool
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Analytics Services for Strategic Decisionmaking


New Line offers unique IoT analytics that will enable a variety of services.

These services were previously too expensive with a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

It’s a subscription based model, you pay a recurring monthly fee based on the services acquired and the size of your deployment in terms of number of mobile subscriptions synchronized in your account.

The New Line services help you (and your customers) to; describe, predict and improve your business performance.

It strengthens your organization on the following components:



  • Higher customer satisfaction (lock-in)
  • Sales analytics (able to better predict your forecast and increase the odds of winning deals)
  • Billing analytics (no bill shocks)
  • Usage analytics (helps you identify and improve your solutions, based on average consumption)
  • Risk management analytics (eliminates financial, operational and commercial risks)
  • Savings analytics (optimizes consumption and saves costs)
  • Subscription analytics (provides insights into your subscriptions, based on growth- and decline analysis etc.)

Please contact New Line to find out what we can do to accelerate your business