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Internet of Things Consultancy | Take control over your IoT Strategy


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the digital binding of things or objects. The objects are digital objects because they are provided with sensors.

Thanks to the connection with the Internet they become independent entities. The digitized objects can communicate and run on the basis of autonomous actions.

IoT is actually nothing new. What makes it unique today, is that’s IoT is part of a larger digital transformation.

A development in which ICT is moving from “a useful added value” to the heart of society, new ways of working and boosts innovation.

The potential of data, cloud, social and mobile come together with IoT and change enterprises dramatically.

Now that the sensors are smaller and there is less expensive storage, the connectivity is  faster and the algorithms are more sophisticated

– the possibilities for enterprises are endless and more close at hand than ever –

New Line and IoT are very closely related to each other: a clear understanding and deep knowledge about the challenges of our customers, the IoT market and solutions is an important qualification.


New Line Consulting has a high level of expertise and experience. We support you in:

  • Developing strategies, policies and roadmaps, adoption programs and business use-cases
  • Capitalization of IoT projects, such as adjusting workflows to take advantage of IoT
  • Advice on deployment in various devices and technologies, including sensors, actuators, application development, Big Data or Lora
  • Transition processes to support you with new revenue models
New Line Consultancy is an Alliance Member of the IoT Gurus, the global IoT consulting network.

Please contact New Line to find out what we can do to accelerate your business