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Global Managed Connectivity | Comprehensive control over all your IoT applications


  • Accelerate time-to-market, easily and rapidly scale your IoT services across the globe
  • Provide automated, real-time visibility and control over all of your networked devices and services
  • Ensure higher service reliability with real-time intelligence and monitoring of changing network conditions

Jasper Control Center optimizes and automates every stage of your IoT service lifecycle, enabling you to get the most out of your devices, networks and applications.

The advantages of Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Connectivity

You use Internet of Things applications to increase the effectiveness and profitability of your business. Then you also want to rely on the very best technology and the network in order to allow these Internet of Things applications to function optimal. New Line has this network and technology with Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Connectivity. In addition New Line has the M2M specialists in-house to advise you on the best solution for your company time and time again. Thus you can focus on your clients.

The New Line M2M Control Center: insight and control

This is a secure online tool which offers you access to a wide range of IoT services. In this way you receive real time access to information on the status and the use of your connections.

The New Line M2M Control Center gives you management and control over your IoT devices with M2M Connectivity and the costs.

The best and most reliable network around the globe

There is a good chance that you have company critical Internet of Things applications based on M2M Connectivity. For instance, for managing your logistics chain or as an alarm in the case of incidents. New Line ensures that all M2M connections continue to operate well. We achieve this using the best and most reliable network. Both nationally as well as internationally with solid roaming partners. In addition, you are completely ‘in control’ with help from the New Line M2M Control Center.

The New Line M2M Control Center gives you insight and control

The New Line M2M Control Center is a secure online tool which provides you access to an extensive range of services around M2M Connectivity. In this way you receive real time access to information on the status and the use of your connections. The New Line M2M Control Center gives you management and control over your devices and the costs. For example, you can monitor how your M2M applications are operating and make adjustments if necessary. Obviously with the help of the M2M Connectivity specialists as your back-up support.

  • Jasper Control Center is the only IoT platform that intelligently adapts to your business needs, providing a vast array of flexible ways to automate your IoT services. Our proprietary automation engine makes it easy to launch new services, optimize performance on the fly, lower operational costs, and continuously deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Deliver superior reliability and customer service with instant visibility and control over your connected devices. Control Center’s proprietary, real-time intelligence engine equips you to respond quickly to customer needs, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce costs. It continuously monitors devices, networks, and usage; analyzes data; and automatically responds to problems to quickly restore device performance.

  • Implement once and scale worldwide with our global network integration. Connected with more than 25 mobile operator groups – far more than any other IoT platform – Control Center gives you global visibility and control across your IoT business through a single operational standard and interface. Gain the power to go to market anywhere in the world for faster revenue growth.

Does your company have specific connectivity requirements and need the best Global Pricing structure? Please contact us and check out our special pricing