New Line Unique IoT Analytics tool
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Analytics Services for Strategic Decisionmaking


New Line offers unique IoT analytics that will enable a variety of services.

These services were previously too expensive with a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

It’s a subscription based model, you pay a recurring monthly fee based on the services acquired and the size of your deployment in terms of number of mobile subscriptions synchronized in your account.

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The New Line services help you (and your customers) to; describe, predict and improve your business performance.

It strengthens your organization on the following components:



  • Higher customer satisfaction (lock-in)
  • Sales analytics (able to better predict your forecast and increase the odds of winning deals)
  • Billing analytics (no bill shocks)
  • Usage analytics (helps you identify and improve your solutions, based on average consumption)
  • Risk management analytics (eliminates financial, operational and commercial risks)
  • Savings analytics (optimizes consumption and saves costs)
  • Subscription analytics (provides insights into your subscriptions, based on growth- and decline analysis etc.)

Please contact New Line to find out what we can do to accelerate your business